Our Different Types of Wood

While we do have access to these other types of wood, spalted pecan is our passion and specialty!

Types of Wood Spalted Pecan Texas Pecan Wood


Comes from native old-growth Southern pecan trees that have died from natural causes, some living up to 400-years-old. The “spalting” that occurs during the dying process is what creates such beautiful and unique characteristics.

Colors range from blonde to gray in the sapwood to dark reddish browns in the heartwood. Ink-like black and brown lines swirl throughout. The burling, open knots, mineral streaking, even the wormholes enhance this exotic looking wood.

Texas Pecan Texas Pecan Wood


The state tree of Texas, rich in character and among the hardest native woods in the United States.

Beautifully grained with striking color contrast sometimes referred to as Calico. The sapwood is a pale, yellowish brown and the heartwood tends to be light to medium brown with a reddish hue. Very durable and finishes beautifully.

Honey Mesquite Texas Pecan Wood


A slow growing, small tree found in arid regions of the Southern United States. Very dense and heavy wood that, once dried, is extremely stable. Color varies from dark brown with red hues to camel tan. Ruggedly handsome with glorious desert charm.

Post Oak Texas Pecan Wood


Hard and durable with a fairly course, intriguing grain that varies in a pattern that is non-recurring. Color is light to medium brown with beige streaks, dark speckles, knots and cracks.

Live Oak Texas Pecan Wood


Very heavy and strong with great wear resistance. Formerly used for ship building and wagon wheels. Color is light to medium brown, with a thin, almost white sapwood.

English Oak Texas Pecan Wood


Not native to Texas and considered an imported lumber. Common in Europe and Asia. The heartwood is light to medium brown with an olive cast, while the sapwood is an off-white to light brown. Used for furniture, flooring and wine barrels.

Black Walnut Texas Pecan Wood


Dark, hard and dense, with a tight grain. The heartwood can range from a pale brown to dark chocolate with even darker brown streaks, while the sapwood is a pale, yellow-gray. Beautifully figured grain patterns, such as, curl, crotch and burl are also seen. Considered a premium domestic hardwood.

Large Live Edge Slabs and Milled Lumber

We have a large inventory of custom wood slabs and milled lumber for sale in the different types of wood.

We have a large inventory of pecan wood slabs for sale:

  • Lengths up to 20 ft.
  • Widths up to 5 ft.
  • Thickness up to 4 in.

Book Match Slabs Available

Mill run lumber in random widths and lengths available in 4/4, 6/4, 8/4, 10/4 and 12/4.

Minimum order of $100 and we require a 50% deposit on custom orders.

We are happy to discuss your project ideas with you to form a plan for a DIY project or custom order.

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