Our Story of Texas Pecan Wood

Our story as the founders of Texas Pecan Wood begins in 1980, when our family bought a beautiful ranch deep in the heart of Texas with one thousand acres of rolling hills and two miles of river running right through the middle. Along both sides of the river lies a pecan bottom with over 3000 native Southern pecan trees. Over the years as several of these ancient trees died, we could not bear to see them wash down river or simply become firewood. We began our harvesting of old growth, southern pecan timber.

The owners of Texas Pecan Wood, Rocky Patti and grandkids

Rocky’s family that has been involved in the lumber business for three generations – the love of wood is definitely in the family blood! We are very proud to say we only harvest “non-living” trees. As we share this special Texas timber with others who appreciate its natural beauty, being environmentally responsible is an extra blessing. In 2010, we built a beautiful stone and cedar lodge on our ranch using the salvaged pecan wood for cabinets, a bathroom vanity, and a massive fireplace mantle.  The response from everyone gave us the inspiration and incentive to reclaim and mill the salvaged trees and create our business Texas Pecan Wood.

We hope you join us in a love for this unique wood. Enhance your home, vacation home, lodge or business with custom, natural elements rich with ancient history.


At Texas Pecan Wood, we have many fans of our products worldwide. In all our social media, we create a community for design experts and those just getting started. Join us online today!

  • Thank you Texas Pecan Wood…this piece is perfect for my kitchen!!! – Dominique H.
  • Absolutely love these doors! – Robin J.
  • Beautiful stairs! – Suzanne B.
  • What  a fantastic company! They provided the spalted pecan wood for our island countertop. Great people to work with and beautiful wood! – Richard M.
  • Love this piece! – Lizette C.
  • Gorgeous grain! – Addison G.
  • Love, love, love this pecan wood! – Anita S.
  • “Great work!!! Highly recommend!! Some of the best work I’ve seen. Met these people. Extremely nice, caring, compassionate people.” – Brady B.
  • “Five Stars!” – Leon I.
  • “I have to have this entryway table. It’s amazing.” – Kelsey P.

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