We Are Texas Pecan Wood

Texas Pecan Wood is a family owned and operated lumber and custom furniture business. The beautiful timber we offer is sourced from 100 to 400 yr. old, non-living, southern pecan trees found on the creeks and river beds of Central Texas.

We specialize in “spalted pecan”, which is very different from traditional pecan products. Unlike, most pecan suppliers, we do not harvest live trees! We harvest only those that have died from draught, disease or lightning.

The spalting process occurs naturally as the tree dies, creating a variety of unique characteristics. Color and patterns range from dark, reddish browns in the heartwood to blonde and grey tones in the sapwood. Swirling throughout are ink-like black and brown lines, referred to as mineral streaking.

We differ from similar businesses in that we are hands-on from start to finished product. We select the trees to harvest, we cut them down and we haul them to the saw mills. Then, we bring the pecan wood back to Lubbock, Texas to air dry on the High Plains. Once the moisture content is right, the slabs and lumber are sold to those doing their own pecan wood project or we get busy handcrafting a one-of-a-kind natural art piece.

Custom Slabs and Milled Lumber Texas Pecan Wood 14

Large Live Edge Slabs and Milled Lumber

Texas Pecan Wood has a large inventory of pecan wood slabs for sale.

Gallery of Custom Woom Mantles Texas Pecan Wood 04

Fireplace Mantles

Texas Pecan Wood offers a nice selection of Live Edge Mantles.

Custom Wood Works

We enjoy working with and getting to know our clients, designers, architects and custom builders. Transforming their vision into a beautiful, handcrafted custom wood work reality is the best part of our job!

  • Pecan Wood Furniture
  • Pecan Wood Table
  • Pecan Countertop
  • Pecan Table Top
  • Live Edge Pecan Table
  • Pecan Wood Cabinets
  • Pecan Wood Dining Table
  • Pecan Desk
  • Pecan Coffee Table
  • Pecan Barn Doors
  • Live Edge Table with Glass/River Tables
  • Pecan Conference Tables
  • Entry Tables
  • Console Tables
  • Side Table
  • Accent Walls
  • Stair Treads
  • And Much More!
Custom River Table in Shop Texas Pecan Wood

Builders and Designers

Builders, designers and clients are amazed we can provide this exotic look, right here in West Texas. We have worked hard to earn the reputation of providing quality craftsmanship, being honest, fair and easy to work with. We received the “Best of Houzz 2017” award in customer service by striving to serve and satisfy all of our customers.

Salvaging Our Wood

It has been very rewarding salvaging and re-purposing these majestic, historic trees that would normally wash down river or be burned for firewood. By milling into purposeful lumber and slabs, or crafted into organic modern furniture, our unique pieces will continue being enjoyed and shared for generations to come.

From the riverbanks of Central Texas, to your home, office or resort, please consider incorporating the natural beauty of Texas Pecan Wood.

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Contact us with any questions or to receive a quote on a customized piece.